Riding Gear For The Winter, Part 3 – Freezing Fingers, Toes and Then Some

When out riding in cold temps, your hands, feet and head are the first parts of your body to get painfully cold. In fact, as much as 70% of body heat is escapes through your extremities. Investing in solid accessories to keep your digits and dome warm is something there’s just no way to get around. If you want to stay warm, that is.

Let’s start from the top…

About 40% of your body’s heat is lost through you head. An awesome way to keep your face, neck and head covered and warm is by wearing a balaclava, which is kind of like a high-tech ski mask.
A great one to check out is the Sonic Balaclava from a company called Outdoor Research. It’s windproof and breathable, and the mesh breathing port protects your nose and mouth. A lighter fabric covers the ears, so you can still hear what’s going on around you.

Gore Bike Wear makes some awesome stuff for winter riding. Their Radiator II gloves are some of the best out there. They combine windproof warmth with gel padding in the palms to protect against cold and road/trail vibration. The lobster cut my look a little funny, but once you’ve tried them you won’t want to go back to five-finger gloves when it’s bitterly cold.

Products that multi-task are always nice, and that’s definitely the case with the Shine Shoe Cover from Pearl Izumi. Constructed using 3mm Neoprene, a microfleece liner and a rubber outsole, they’ll keep your feet warm and last for several seasons. The removable LED lighting system that’s integrated  in to the back of the covers will make you more visible from behind, which is especially nice on winter days when the sun rises late and sets early.

And Then Some
If keeping the boys warm is ever a problem, try a pair of Craft Zerox Gunde Boxers. They have wind protection where it counts, and though I can’t speak from experience, I’ve heard that can often be a very good thing.

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