What The Hell Should I Wear?

Dressing for cycling is a skill unto itself, and it’s one that is definitely worth mastering. Wearing the right clothing will make the difference between a ride that’s a comfortable, happy one, or a ride that can’t be over soon enough.

If you’re lucky, you have a more experienced cyclist in your riding life who will tell you things like, “Today I’d wear a short sleeved jersey and pack a vest and arm warmers just in case,” or “Instead of wearing knickers, wear shorts and knee warmers so you won’t get too hot in an hour.” Without such kind guidance, a lot of riders are left to figure it out on their own through the not always pleasant method of trail and error.

A little while ago, all of that changed. Now, that voice of experience telling us exactly what and how to layer which garments for our next ride is just a mouse click away. Bicycling Magazine recently launched the “What Should I Wear” feature of its website, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Not only can you enter the weather conditions you’ll be riding in, you can also select how warm – or not – you like to feel while you’re riding. Enter in your parameters and you’ll get a list of the complete ensemble recommended for your next ride. Getting dressed has never been so easy.

Check it out for yourself: What Should I Wear?

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