Awesome Chamois Cream For Women

Using chamois cream can be a hurdle for new cyclists to get over – “You want to rub what wear??” However with very few exceptions chamois cream will make your chamois time much more comfortable. A good chamois cream will eliminate chafing and protect the skin from irritation that comes from friction between skin and saddle.

DZ Nuts High Viscosity Chamois Cream was developed for/by/with pro-cyclist David Zabriskie. Natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Evodia, and Masterwort give it the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammetory and anti-chafing properties that you want.

The women’s formula, DZ Nuts Bliss, has all of the same benefits the men’s version offers but with less tingling. Can I just tell you how awesome this stuff is?? I don't just love it - I lurve it! The best chamois cream I have ever used, hands down. Pick up some of this stuff and eliminate "saddle sore" from your vocabulary.

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