Underrated Gifts For Cyclists

Traditionally, gift guides for cyclists highlight all the latest and greatest snazzy gear that’s been introduced over the past season. This round-up of gift ideas is a bit different. It highlights the less glamorous, the underrated, and the overlooked.

While some of you may argue that giving a cyclist on your list one of these gifts would be the equivalent to presenting a woman with a vacuum cleaner on X-mas morning, I like to think of them more as proof positive that the giver really gets the whole bike obsession thing that so many of us suffer from – I mean, enjoy.

If the bike lover you’re buying for changes their own flats, they will think fondly of you every time they are stuck road or trailside with dead tube that needs changing.

A New Chain
One of the bike maintenance do-to’s that so often neglected is replacing the chain on a regular basis. Ask the friendly folks at your local bike shop what kind of chain you should get if you’re unsure (be sure to know the make and model of the giftees bike, and preferably how many gears it has).

Tune Up Gift Certificate
Winter is the time when a lot of bikes are relegated to the garage for a few months, so it’s the perfect time to get them tuned up. The gifted cyclist will be stoked when they pull their bike out in the spring and it’s all ready to go.

New Bar Tape
If the bar tape on the intended’s bike is looking a little ratty, spiriting it off to a bike shop to have the bars rewrapped will definitely bring a smile to their face for many miles to come.

Cycling Mag Subscription
Find out what their favorite cycling magazine is, and gift an annual subscription. Just about every cyclist loves drooling at beautiful pictures of great places to ride and new bike stuff. Plus, you’ll start getting hints for what to go shopping for next year.

P.S. What the best bike gift you’ve every received?


Deano said...

hi, The best gift I have received is a product call Purple Harry's Bike Floss. It brill! and easy to use.

Natascha said...

Thanks Deano! At first I thought you were messing with me, but now I can't wait to try it. Cheers!