70 Degree Day

Wake up at 6 AM without an alarm.
Open shades, see sky.
Open window, smell air.
Realize it's going to be a warm day.
Go to kitchen, turn on espresso machine.
Marvel at being coherent prior to use of said machine.
Take mental inventory of parts needed for bar swap on road bike while sipping lukewarm latte.
Wonder why making good foam is so difficult and elusive.

Go down to basement, survey bike work area.
Look at road bike.
Look at mess that would have to be removed before road bike bar could be swapped.
Think, "Fuck it."
Air up tires, bring bike upstairs.
Pet road bike top tube and say, "I've missed you honey."
Wonder if talking to inanimate objects qualifies as some kind of mental disorder.
Decide not to care.

Get riding clothes together.
Realize it is too warm to wear tights and that legs will have to be shaved.
Accept this, get in shower.
Debate the pros and cons of finally joining the local women's team while shaving legs.
Wonder if riding in large groups will ever be enjoyable.
Wonder if there is any glory in being pack fodder.
Wonder why so many bike races in the US are crits.
Shave same leg twice.

After shower, get dressed.
Wear favorite jersey.
Put arm and knee warmers in back pocket out of paranoia and climatic mistrust.
Take note of uncanny resemblance to a camel dressed in spandex.

Consider skipping breakfast in order to get on the bike that much faster.
Realize that would be stupid.
Scramble eggs, make toast.
Pull water bottles out of cabinet while eating.
Curse loudly as avalanche of water bottles falls on head.
Ponder the age-old question of how many water bottles one really needs.
Consider the merits of recycling.

Fill water bottles, find Enervit Cheer Pack.
Remember cell phone and I.D.
Head out the door, ride down back walk.
Wave to neighbor.
Get to the street, ride down hill.
Relish incomparable feeling of wind flowing through hair.
Feel gratitude.
Wonder if this is what it feels like to fly.


rvmsblog said...

Drunk on sunshine again, I see.

steve said...

If a Road Bike sits by itself collecting dust in the basement, does anyone hear it scream